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How Righteous is Your Mind?

These three scripture references give very different connotations of a righteous mind; the mind, one’s attitude and how one thinks and acts

The first translation focuses on the mind.  We have heard before that if the Holy Spirit is inside of me there ought to be a manifestation of the Spirit in my mind.  Occupancy of the Holy Spirit suggests that my thought process should be different. It means there is a filter in what I allow into my mind.  Tolson is saying to get back to where you were created.  If he is there to help find and take back the mind, it means that the mind was righteous in the first place, at the time of creation. Somehow and somewhere I forfeited the righteousness of my mind

I’d rather blend in than be righteous.  I accept mediocrity and being cool. When you came to church this morning what was on your mind?

Let this mind be in you.  When I find myself in conflict, I’m wrestling between the righteous and the unrighteous.  Have you really made up your mind to follow Jesus?

The second translation focuses on attitude. A lot of attitude starts in the hallway before ever entering the Sanctuary. I sometimes quietly pray “God let transformation hit before their attitude affects and infects someone else.  Somebody is coming to get healed.”  Coming to Church may put you ‘socially’ in the right place but what is your attitude? Do you exude the sweet aroma of Jesus as you interact with others? How holy are you when folks sit on your pew, in your seat? We have one role model, Jesus Christ. Are you more concerned about what people think than what God says? An attitude of righteousness suggests that there is a moral compass, a navigation system inside of you.  You come to church looking at the clock instead of following your spiritual compass. You are concerned about the time but not concerned about the spiritual direction of your life. God is our GPS/Navigation system.  Even when we are headed in the wrong direction and refuse to hear His voice, he keeps assuring us that He will get us there. On those days when we don’t feel like being holy and we hit the ‘voice off’ button God stays right with us. God has got a map with a little arrow that shows him where I am all the time.

At a time when fuel prices are high we conserve and plan out our trips.  Some of you intended to get gas on the way to Church but didn’t. So you sit here with what’s in your pocket holding on to it as long as you can.  You will take God’s portion and put it in your  tank but not in the tray.

Is your mind righteous?
Is your attitude righteous

Finally, the third translation says you will think and act like Christ.  Your behavior will be different. You act righteous.  The way you treat your spouse will be Godly?  You don’t own her.  God didn’t give him to you so you could take his manhood away. Who are you disrespecting? 

All lynching is not physical
It’s not in trees anymore: it’s in the bedrooms, kitchens, cars.
What’s gives you the right to ignore or mistreat someone?

God plants a spark in us to remind us that we were bought with a price.

When you become angry with your parent, the spark reminds you to thy honor father and mother. When I spend more time watching television than I do listening to you the spark reminds me that the television can’t make me warm or wipe away tears. How righteous is your mind? All we have to do is keep watching how you act.

Do your mind, your attitude and your actions line up?  Let this mind, let this attitude, let these actions that are in Christ Jesus also be in you.
Class dismissed.

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