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Premarital Classes

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Are you seriously dating, engaged or preparing for marriage?  A quality marriage preparation course is an important investment to make in your relationship.  Classes are taught using a survey, lectures, exercises, and group discussions.  The instructor couple also meets couple on couple during the 15 weeks.  At the conclusion of the class, a follow-up CARE group is formed to provide a support system for the couples.  Registration is required. Classes are required for couples who are planning to be married by Pastor Troy, either on-site or off-site. Please call Joy Brewton at 930-2204 for details.  Cost is $35.00 per couple.

Check back soon for Upcoming Classes for 2009:

Each session is conducted on a Monday evening and starts at 6:45 pm and ends at 9:00 pm.

Pre Marital Class Curriculum Overview

Week 1 - Introduction, Salvation and Purity Covenant
Class discussion on personal salvation and the importance of being equally yoked with your life partner.  A Purity Covenant is discussed which focuses on the sanctity of marriage.

Week 2 - Reasons For Marriage
Discusses God’s design for marriage and whether God will be pleased with your selection.

Week 3 - The Basics
Discussions regarding the godly qualities of a wife and husband.

Week 4 - Understanding Each Other
Discussion of differences and similarities that correspond to core beliefs, religion and intercultural marriages.  Assumptions and expectations that are woven into the fabric of your gender and style are also discussed.

Week 5 – Communication
Discussion and evaluation of your communication system and cracking the communication code of men and women. Couples also learn their Love languages.

Week 6 - Good Sense Ministry I of II
Group and couple interactions on designing a budget and learning the biblical principles of personal finance.

Week 7 - Conflict and Communication
Skill building opportunities in communication and conflict resolution.  Applying forgiveness, reconciliation, grace and love.

Week 8 - Good Sense Ministry II of II
Continuation - Group and couple interactions on designing a budget and learning the biblical principles of personal finance.

Week 9 - Family and Friends
Participants will bring in a family member and discuss personal and cultural differences and family origin.  Couples will also choose traditions, beliefs and habits for your family.

Week 10 - The First Year
Discussion of the wedding vows and the wedding worship service that is being planned.

Week 11 - Godly Husband/Godly Wife
Spiritual Leadership of the family, being the helpmeet, submission and unconditional love.

Week 12 - Godly Life Together
Sexual intimacy, till death do us part, the power of prayer, respect and encouragement of your spouse.

Week 13 - Aftercare
CARE Group presentation, presentation of certificates and celebration.

Week 14 - Blended Families
4hr Saturday Session for blended families. 

Week 15 - Couples Counseling Session (2 on 2)
Sign up with Instructors

Contact Traci Fletcher tfletcher@newsalemcares.com or call (614) 267-2536 ext. 143 for details.
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